Best Destinations To Experience Skydiving


Most people want to experience extreme outdoor activities. Sometimes skydiving is the best stress reliever for those who are brave enough. And with this activity, they need to get ready to take the plunge. Travelers fans of skydiving experiences take time to research the best sites and places for the journey.

Here, we highlighted the most loved destinations around the globe. They have magnificent scenery to satisfy your viewing pleasures. Check them out and get ready to dive through the atmosphere. You can add them to your bucket list as well.

Palm Jumeirah In Dubai

Dubai is a newcomer when it comes to dropping zones or skydiving. But it did not stop them from making a name in this field. The country hosted an annual international skydive championship—one of the biggest competitions sponsored by Skydive Dubai and The Emirates Aerosport Federation (EAF). Additionally, the skydiving experience in Dubai is a city jump which is more interesting for travelers. You can try to fly over Palm Jumeirah and witness the mind-blowing Persian Gulf and sight of the whole of Dubai. Also, you can have a glimpse of the artificial archipelago from the city’s urban marina.

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Fox Glacier In New Zealand

You can count on beautiful dropping zones in New Zealand. It is ground zero when it comes to extreme outdoor activities. Maybe you already know that the top favorite of tourists is the Fox Glacier when they come for skydiving. Visit the 8-mile-long glacier in Westland Tai Poutini National Park located on the West Coast of South Island. You can enjoy the free fall while witnessing the view of the rugged peaks of the Southern Alps and have a glimpse of the coastline of the Tasman Sea.

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Hawaii In United States

Some people will give ideas about the best places to go when skydiving. You can hear a suggestion on Waialua in Hawaii. Most travelers who engage in extreme adventures will tell you that Hawaii should be on your bucket list. You will enjoy the view from 8,000 feet, where you can see the coastlines and volcano sites.

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Interlaken In Switzerland

The place called Interlaken in Switzerland has a long history when it talks about adventure sports. You can visit one of the most scenic skydiving places in Europe. Also, you can satisfy your eyes with the views of Austria, France, Germany, and Italy. It will be a great experience if you will witness the peaks of Matterhorn in the Alps and Jungfrau. Interlaken is the best destination for beginners in skydiving.

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Mount Everest In Nepal

The best skydiving place is the highest mountain in the world. Mount Everest is your bet if you want to experience an extreme skydive journey. You can count on dropping from a plane while witnessing the incredible view of the Himalayas covered in snow. Also, the adrenaline rush will be all over your system, knowing that you have a free-fall from the tallest mountain. It would be best to consider this destination once you master the art of skydiving.


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